Know How You Will Meet your Future Spouse With the Help of Astrology Just in 3 Simple Steps

Since the birth of internet, followed by the creation of social media a few years later, the world is now connected more than ever. Especially when it comes to finding love, people are willing to find overseas through online dating websites and eager to begin their martial life. Finding love in a practical sense has a lot to do with trial and error. Ugly breakups and heart breaks are all pre-requisites to love finding quest. People now a days have become pretty ambivalent to break-ups. It’s rare these days to find anyone who has never been in a relationship, even rarer to find the right partner that matches your wavelength and is serious about the relationship. To put an end to this cycle of constant meet-ups and breakups, people have pro-actively started to take interest in astrology by self-learning in their quest to finding their “One True Love”. Gone are the days when people queued outside astrologers’ office for consultations. New-age spiritual movement has led people to start studying ancient wisdom and educate themselves with the plethora of knowledge available on the internet. Nowadays the availability of online resource that can help you to understand astrology is really proving out significant for people. They are trying to make out the inferences based on their own astrological understanding. At the same time we are having certain apps which are helping you to meet the best astrology based conclusions when it comes to predict the future. So if you are wondering about how you will meet your spouse astrology can help you out in that very easily.

Without further ado, lets dive deep into this topic so that you too can know how you will meet your future spouse.

Is it fine to rely on Astrology for finding your future spouse?

There are people who do not want to get involved in too many relationships before they meet their actual life partner. As a result of which they starts finding out solutions for where I will met my spouse astrology guides them better in this scenario. Few clues about the future spouse can be gathered by such people based on astrology as a result of which they take a sigh of relief and remain carful before falling in love with any person. The pain and emotional breakup of the person reduced many times with the help of such predations related to the future spouse. So we can consider it as positive thing for mankind.

On the contrary there are possibilities that predictions are not correct owing to the wrong basic information. As a result of which spouse meeting astrology is trying to do becomes unfortunate for people. They do not welcome any relation in their life by following the instructions based on astrology.

Can a normal person figure out information about future spouse through internet?

It is quite possible for an individual to collect information about his future spouse without meeting an astrologer. This is because as said before we have lot of data available on internet these days. It is possible to utilize this data as per your need and sites will also guide you to reach the information for your future partner based on your birth time and date etc. So it is useless to visit the astrologer unless you want to be very much sure about these predictions. Of course we cannot be perfect in such tasks like that of professionals and those who want real apt results related to the forecasting about their love life should take visits of the astrologers only. Doing research at home with zeal can make you expert too. So it depends upon the individual interests whether you want to figure out these facts on your own or want to pay a visit to the astrologer for fine inferences.

What is the surety of these predictions related to future spouse?

Like said before astrology is a discipline that is not based on the science and people do not trust it fully. It can just give a hint about your life scenario and happenings. So you cannot rely fully on this branch as many times the basic data used is not correct. But at the same time there are people who want to trust on this discipline as they have too many instances when astrology proves out to be the best for them. So yes you can trust it but do not orient your entire life based on these predictions only. Your decisions should be mix of intellect and astrology both so that you can get the best in your life. There are people who are not following astrology at all as they do not consider it worth for taking the decisions of their life and that is why their life always sail in chaos. So if you want to have a sort of stability in your life it is always good to believe and rely on something that can give you sense of stability. Astrology is the best option for this.

This method is easy to understand if you know the basics of astrology:

When it comes to the basics of astrology they are not like rocket science to understand for average IQ people. There are different houses in our astrological birth chart and spouse meeting in astrology or any other important prediction is made based on these houses. So gaining a basic idea about it can help you to figure out the future partner or spouse of yours. In this method 7th house of your birth chart plays as important role in deciphering, as to what will be the circumstances around you, when you meet your future spouse, which will help in knowing if you have met the “One”.

Step 1.

The first step that is going to take you inch closer about knowing the information related to your future spouse is ascendent sign. This is something that cannot be ignored in the discipline of astrology especially for knowing the spouse meeting circumstancesin astrology. Know your ascendent sign. Ascendent sign is the zodiac sign of your first house. If you’re Aries ascendent then your 1st house sign is in Aries and 7th house will have libra as the zodiac sign. For taurus ascendent, 7th house will have scorpion sign. Gemini ascendent will have Sagittarius as 7th house sign. Cancer ascendent will have Capricorn as 7th house sign. Leo ascendent will have Aquarius as 7th house sign. Virgo ascendent will have Pisces as 7th house sign and so and so forth. For the rest of the signs consider 7th zodiac sign from your ascendent as your 7th house sign.

Step 2.

The next step is as simple as the beginning one and you can gather the information and basic knowledge to figure out this on internet easily. Spouse meeting Vedic astrology content available online can guide you to locate your ruling planet. Take the help of these resources to decode this thing so that you can successfully figure out the lord planet of your Locate your 7th house lord (planet ruling the zodiac) and look for the placement of your 7th house lord in your birth chart. Here is the list of Planets ruling these zodiac signs as per Vedic Astrology:

  • Mars – Aries, Scorpio.
  • Venus – Taurus, Libra.
  • Mercury – Gemini, Virgo.
  • Moon – Cancer.
  • Sun – Leo.
  • Jupiter – Sagittarius, Pisces.
  • Saturn – Capricorn, Aquarius.

Step 3.

Now the next part of the job is to figure out the opposite plant to your ruling planet. In order to find things like spouse meeting place astrology demands such details from you make sure that you are doing the proper research and calculations for the same in order to get the apt predictions related to your spouse. Wrong details can leads you to the wrong results as well and it would not work for you in that case which is eventually going to disappoint you. Look at the Zodiac Sign opposite to your 7th house lord placement. Zodiac sign opposite to your 7th house lord will show signs, symbols or geographical symbolism in the places you will be meeting your future spouse.

Most of the times the Planet ruling the zodiac of your 7th house will not be sitting in the 7th house. For example, Let’s consider for someone with Aries ascendent the 7th house is libra, the Venus rules the sign of libra. Now locate where the Venus is in the birth chart. Let’s suppose if Venus is in 5th house, the 5th house for Aries ascendent is Leo, that means Venus is in 5th house in the Sign of Leo. The sign opposite of Leo is the Aquarius, which is the 11th house in the birth chart. Now, here the spouse meeting circumstances will exhibit Aquarius like sign and symbolism. For instance, a waterbody nearby, lakes or even a café or a restaurant named Aquarius, Waterfall, fountain, water sports etc., feel free to use your imagination along those lines. Here are few examples for all signs listed below.

  • Aries – Ram symbolism, sports events, mountain, T-shirt with Ram symbol, Aries name or symbol etc.
  • Taurus – Bulls near-by, Bull stable, Bull fighting event (Even the Electronic one counts), Red bull, Bull symbol on clothes or signage near Etc.
  • Gemini – Twins (Friends, relatives, classmates etc.), anything to do with the Gemini symbolism.
  • Cancer – Crabs, lobster, crab restaurant, home, mother, car, crab symbolism.
  • Leo – anything Royal or regal, restaurant named Royal, Royal Enfield, luxury places Lion symbolism etc.
  • Virgo – meeting through a female relative, friend, colleague, woman symbolism, virgin airlines, etc.
  • Libra – Scales, Court, Law firm, even a market place (scales nearby), Govt. offices etc.
  • Scorpio – Scorpio symbolism, scorpion tattoo, Mahindra Scorpio, sting, acupuncture clinic etc.
  • Sagittarius – Centaur, movie or poster with centaur in it, Bow and arrow, archery event etc.
  • Capricorn – Goat symbol, lamb as food, mountain area near goats, elder people etc.
  • Aquarius – Waterbody nearby, lakes or even a café or restaurant named Aquarius, Waterfall, fountain, water sports etc.
  • Pisces – Fish, seafood, fish market, aquarium, fish tank, sushi, other fish symbolism.

With creative imagination and bit of a research, one can decipher the spouse meeting circumstances, and gauge whether they have already met the “One” or not. Remember, one shouldn’t be afraid of astrology. Rather use it as a tool to navigate life through your own free will.

Is there any loophole in the calculation of Astrology to know about future spouse?

If you are thinking of finding the answer for your questions like where will I meet my spouse astrology cannot define that in fine grounds. But at the same time it hints you too many things by which you can manage to collet good information about your future spouse. Based on these clues you can make inferences for your partner of future. Talking about the loopholes of astrology for finding the spouse information is that it sometimes not reliable if the basic information is not correct. There are possibilities that your exact timing of birth is not noted by the doctor and minor change in this data leads to different results in the astrology. So this is something we can consider as biggest loophole and it leads to wrong conclusion as well.

All the best.