7 Best Indian Food Items to Cook at Campsite Easily

Traveling to any new place is not easy, especially when you have to head out on long road trips. The taste of homemade food is irresistible to our taste buds especially if we are out of the country. If you are an Indian then Indian food for camping is one of the prerequisite requirement for your camping to make it successful. At the same time we have scores of choices when it comes to Indian food for camping for all budgets. No matter how much you gorge on the mouth watering dishes, all of them can’t replace the love of Indian food.

Mapping out the trip is easier than planning the item and food to cook during the trip. However, if you are falling short of money at any point while making the budget for the trip then you can get an instant travel loan and spend the vacation easily.

Coming back to point, today we will help bring the taste of desi food so that you can enjoy the vacations without compromising with the taste of your tongue.

Is it good to carry along healthy food for camping?

It is very common and crucial to carry along all the important things for your camping if you really want to stay away from the hurdles. Do not rely on cheap resources about the arrangements that can be done in the last moment. Food is very important thing to arrange aptly for the camp. In order to avoid any health related problem in the camp it is again crucial to carry healthy food in your paraphernalia. If you are going to skip this in your list of things you have to face the food crunch in camping for sure. That is why majority of the people find it wise to prepare own food list for camping so that they can stay healthy and feed them without any issue.

What kind of food should be avoided to bring along for Camping?

Well it all depends upon the season in which you are making plans for your camping trip;

  1. Make sure that the food you are selecting do not get destroyed in that particular season.
  2. At the same time items which are too tough to cook should be avoided as you will be having limited fuel to cook and limited time as well.
  3. High energy food can serve the purpose best as compared to low calories food.
  4. Avoid meat and such non-veg as there are high chances of getting it destroyed.
  5. Make sure to add both non-veg and veg items to meet the needs of all kinds of people in the trip.
  6. Food that are prone to bring health issues should be avoided at first priority.
  7. You must be able to cook these foods with expertise if you are a new cook or experimenting with the cooking.
  8. Keep instant food for emergency in your list it will be very helpful for you in times when you have no mood to cook and need instant energy in your trip.

So these are the types of foods that you should carry along for your camping trip in order to avoid all kinds of problems in it. That is how you will be able to enjoy your trip.

Best & Healthy Indian Food during Camping

Maintaining good health during the trip is very essential to make the trip enjoyable and memorable. So, for that reason, you must want to eat healthy homemade healthy food. But unfortunately we fail to manage healthy food when going out on a camping or road trip. But a perfect planning can help you to arrange your food in best way to avoid any issue related to the food on such trips. Have a sight on the Indian camping food that you can try out easily without putting your health in danger and compromising with your taste buds.

Indian-Style Omelet’s

Indian-Style Omelets

The first thing that strikes against our head while talking about Indian Camping food ideasis that it should be easy to cook. This is because it is very troublesome to cook food which takes ages to get prepared as you are on camping and want to enjoy every bit of it. Omelets are not only yummy but also easy to cook. For this, you need a frying pan, stove, at least 2 eggs, salt, pepper, onions, tomato, garlic, cheese, and whatever you want to add in that. Mix all together simply into a Ziploc bag and preserve it in a cool place with drinks. You can cook it in less than 20 minutes and enjoy the meal.



Those who are very much conscious about their fitness level and do not want to put on some kilos on a camping trip must consider Poha as one of the best Indian camping recipe. Those who are not very trained in cooking can also manage to prepare this dish perfectly and it hardly take ten minutes to gets prepared. If breakfast in America is bacon then Poha is synonymous with Indian breakfast as it is easy, light, and delicious. For this, you need to wash Poha in cold water by making sure to not let it soak in the water for more than 10 minutes. For this, you need to add the oil to a pan and add some black mustard seeds, peanuts and cook it till the peanuts turn golden. No need to add the main ingredients like onion, curry leaf, green chili, tomato, potato, peas, and spices according to your taste. Lastly, just add the drained poha and some lime juice, and eat it.

Roasted Peanuts with Onion & Tomatoes

Those who are looking for a healthy and high calories Indian vegetarian recipes for camping then they can try something new with peanuts, online and tomatoes. Staying healthy and happy both are crucial for a camping trip and this is definitely going to serve both the purpose as you can prepare it within fraction of minutes. More this Peanut is a great source of protein, and when you are on a trip then you need more energy to perform many tasks. Place a non-stick by adding the peanuts and sugar on medium flame until the sugar starts melting. Sprinkle the oil on it and add salt and chili powder and cook it for 1-2 minutes on low flame. Now just remove the peanuts from the heat and add tomatoes and onions and serve hot. However, if any time while making the list if you feel that you want some financial help then make sure to get a travel loan instantly by not spoiling the fun.


We all are having a routine of eating chapattis at least once in a day and when we step out from home for camping such food torment us with memories of home very much. That is why make sure that you are keeping this into the list whenever preparing for the list of foods on your camping trip. Chapattis not only give you home feel but at the same time safe to eat in context of health as well. You may feel low on energy if the chapatti is missing in a meal that’s why this is one of the best food to include in the list while camping. For this, you need to make a stiff dough of flour by adding some water. Keep it aside for at least 15 minutes and then start making tennis ball size chunks. Roll it, to normal thin and cook on a grill or tawa until each of them is turned puffy and brown. You can eat it with curry, or if you don’t have then just add Nutella and enjoy the snack.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very common part of our life and we add sweet potatoes to too many dishes including street food too. As a result of which we cannot cut on this food while staying on camping. At the same time they serve a very rich source of Carbs which provides instant energy to perform camping tasks. That is why you can keep the roasted sweet potatoes in the list. There is hardly anyone in India who doesn’t love Shakarkandi which can be easily found at every corner of the market in India. Having the Shakarkandi at the campsite is one of the best snacks you can enjoy. Just simply roast the sweet potato in a bonfire for around 10 minutes by changing the sides. Once you feel it’s done pull it away from the fire and cut it into smaller pieces. Serve it hot by adding lemon juice and masala to it according to you.


Youth cannot stay away from the tasty food for a long while by staying on chapattis and roasted sweet potatoes. That is why there must be something in the list that can serve the taste of street food or something else of this sort. Fortunately sandwich are the best option in this category which can be prepare easily and yummy too. You can easily buy bread from the nearby local areas on camping for this purpose. This is one of the simplest ways to feed the stomach at the earliest. Sandwiches are made in many different ways. However, to add some taste you need to chop onion, tomato, and carrot into small pieces and put them on one piece of bread. To add some good flavors add sandwich spread or pizza sauce on another piece of bread while adding some oregano and then put the other bread over it. Cut it vertically can enjoy it. If you have other techniques of preparing Sandwich you can try them out too as per your ease.

Tried & Tested Food Strategies

Have a look on the best advice for preparing your food for the camping that can work like magic. Most of the times we avoid some common things to prepare in advance which gives real trouble on camping. So if you want to stay away from such problems make sure to check out these strategies related to the food preparation and other arrangements for your camping trip. Strategies for the food and meal that you will be going to carry are one of the most important factors while planning for a camping trip.

  1. Map out meals & snacks
  2. Cook ahead & freeze dinner
  3. Pack your coolers strategically
  4. Freeze bottles of water as ice packs.

These tips & tricks are best for road camping as it’s a challenging part where you need to cook on your own. Because good arrangements for your camp especially when it comes to food always leaves you in a very happy experience for lifetime. So do not leave your preparation on poor grounds and always manage the things especially goof food on priority basis.

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